The Open Group亚太区总经理Chris Forde元旦贺词:踔厉奋发、笃行不怠,共赴新未来!

The Open Group亚太区总经理Chris Forde元旦贺词:踔厉奋发、笃行不怠,共赴新未来!

2023年1月3日 28次秝妤


Happy New Year everyone, hope you are enjoying the holiday season, and perhaps planning your New Year’s resolutions.




Now is the time for me, with you, to say goodbye to 2022 – a year with a restorative ending. There were great challenges and strife along the way, from climate transition and pandemic resurgences to food security and financial distress suffered by many; But we also witness heart-touching and spine tingling moments, from the Beijing Winter Olympics and also the end-of-year World Cup in Qatar. Those events bring nations of the world together, uniting people from diverse cultures and traditions through sporting competition. Now with a majority of nations loosening policies related to the pandemic, we have hope and confidence to return to prosperity, stability and freedom.




Navigating this year of uncertainties reminds us even more of the value of cooperation and courage, and the power of faith and hope. Let’s all take inspiration from a Balinese phrase that captures the spirit that is needed more than ever— menyama braya, “everyone is a brother or sister.”


在这充满不确定性的一年,我们更加意识到了合作和勇气的价值,以及信念和希望的力量。让我们从一句巴厘语中汲取灵感,这句话抓住了比以往任何时候都更需要的精神——“menyama braya(我们都是一家人)”。


Before we step across the threshold into 2023, let’s follow tradition, by recapping the year 2022...




Despite the global economy slowdown, the brave and faithful people all over the world have demonstrated their indomitable spirit, and never-say-never will. I am proud to say, through the hard work and perseverance of our own members and staff, also with partners and contributors, the achievements for The Open Group are nothing short of remarkable – both in China and worldwide. I would like to say a huge “thank you” to all of you for making 2022 a “Big Year” for growth at The Open Group. We have over 880 membership agreements from over 50 geographies worldwide at the end of 2022, members who are actively engaged in our nearly 30 Forums, Work Groups, Consortia and numerous events.


在全球经济增长放缓的大背景下,世界各地勇敢、忠诚的人们展现出一往无前、永不言败的精神。我可以非常自豪地说,The Open Group的成就在中国和世界范围内都是令人瞩目的,这离不开我们会员单位、工作人员,以及合作伙伴和参与者的奉献和坚持。在此,我想对你们所有人说声“谢谢”,因为有你们,2022年成为The Open Group成长历程的重要一年。截至2022年底,我们在全球50多个地区拥有超过880个会员单位,他们始终积极参与着我们近30个论坛、工作组、联盟和众多平台活动。


One of the biggest highlights of the year was the official launch of TOGAF® Standard, 10th Edition in April. This milestone in the development of TOGAF standard, upgrading the standard itself to an ecosystem that will grow with businesses to deliver significant value in times of change. Kudos to all The Open Group Architecture Forum members, staff and all contributors!


2022年最大的亮点之一当属4月份正式发布的TOGAF®标准第10版。这是TOGAF®10标准发展的里程碑,它将标准本身升级为一个可以与企业业务一同成长,并在变革时期提供重大价值的生态系统。在此,向所有The Open Group架构论坛的成员、工作人员,以及所有的贡献者致敬!



Another major milestone was the release of The Digital Portfolio first edition in October. The idea is to bring together various standards of The Open Group into a portfolio for use in the digital enterprise. The first release includes the IT4IT standard version 3, DPBOK standard version 1.1 snapshot and Open Agile Architecture latest version to name a few.


另一个重要的里程碑则是10月发布的数字认证组合1.0版本。其目的是将The Open Group的众多标准整合为一个组合,方便数字企业更好地使用。这一认证组合包括IT4IT™标准3.0版、DPBOK™标准快照1.1版和O-AA™标准最新版本等等。



This look back would not be complete without mentioning the release of the ArchiMate® 3.2 Specification Standard & Technical Corrigendum, the multiple prototypes rolled out based on Open Process Automation™ Standard, Version 2.1 (O-PAS™), the fast iteration of OSDU™ milestones, and the build of the Open Footprint™ Forum data platform. All are very exciting activities that are delivering substantial value for practitioners in multiple industries globally.


如果不提及以下几个重大事件,那么这个回顾将是不完整的:ArchiMate® 3.2规范标准和技术更正在2022年正式发布,基于O-PAS™开放流程自动化标准2.1版本来指导实践的原型项目遍地开花,OSDU开放地下数据空间论坛打造的数据平台里程碑的快速迭代,以及Open Footprint™开放碳足迹论坛正在搭建的数据平台颇具雏形。以上这些都是非常令人兴奋的成就,为全球多个行业的从业者提供了巨大的价值。



Speaking from our Shanghai Office, we have beefed up our events operation in 2022, as a key vehicle to spark interactions in the digital transformation community, a way to stay optimistic and continue with innovative discussions to inspire one another through knowledge and experience sharing. Our successful launch of brand new series of Standards Book Club events and “Publication Release” events program has brought about a significant increase in product awareness, connecting the latest published contents , allowing us to reach out to and inform a wider audience.


我们上海办公室在2022年加强了活动方面的运营,将其作为激发数字转型社区互动的关键媒介,助力保持乐观,持续进行创新讨论,并通过知识和经验的分享促进相互启发。我们成功推出了全新的标准读书会系列活动和 "发布时刻 "活动,极大地提高了产品的知名度,链接了最新出版的内容,使其能够触达到更广泛的受众。





This year, our vibrant and invaluable localization community, where our members have played a leading role, has once again produced a remarkable amount of work to speed up the delivering of relevant content to the market. Enhancing the awareness of the value of EA as a key enabler in the era of digitalization and of the leadership role of The Open Group in the development of technology standards and certifications in this field.


2022年,我们由会员单位主导的本地化工作组干劲十足、朝气蓬勃,产出了大量成果,加快了向市场提供相关内容的速度,提高人们对EA作为数字化时代关键推动力的价值的认识,同时使得大家对The Open Group在该领域的技术标准和认证发展中的领导作用有了更加深刻的了解。


In this time where the only thing certain is uncertainty, of course we are unable to predict what exactly lays ahead in the new year. But a time like this should be the catalyst moment for creativity and the incubator for patience, self-discipline, and self-care; reinforcing our appreciation for our communities and gratitude for our families, friends, colleagues and even our pets, for being there with us virtually and physically through recent tough times.




Standing at the entrance of 2023, I believe that with hard work in pursuit of professional excellence, having an the attitude to do the right things and do things right, and understanding the human side of technology necessary to serve the wellbeing of people, our society and our planet, every day may promise its share of happiness to each of us.




Thank you for listening, I hope you have a great year ahead filled with tremendous success and joy.